Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

do eyelashes grow backThe general answer on this question is yes, they do. Eyelashes grow back in many cases.

Despite the fact that the loss of eyelashes is a quite natural process, for many women it becomes a real problem. Of course, a pair of fallen eyelashes does not worth your attention, but a substantial loss of eyelashes requires some urgent actions. Therefore many women wonder if eyelashes grow back and how quickly.

On average, each person has 150-260 eyelashes on the upper eyelid, located in 2-4 rows and 75-100 lashes on the lower eyelid growing in1-2 rows. The length of the upper lashes is about 8-12 mm, and the lower – 6-8 mm. Their thickness, length and volume are usually determined by genetics. If you want to know whether your eyelashes are growing or not, we can say that the intensity of their growth is as individual as anything else.

The life cycle of each eyelash is about 3-6 months. At the same time, like all body hair, they grow in stages: the active growth continues for about 2-3 weeks, and then your lashes are resting for the next 4-7 weeks until the stage of rejection, which continues until the hair dies. When in the follicle root the new cilia is forming, the old one falls out and the whole cycle starts again. This cycle is absolutely natural for your eyelashes and it is on during all your life. So there is no reason to bother if your eyelashes grow back, unless something dramatic has happened to your eyelashes.

eyelashes growing backSometimes it happens that our eyelashes are damaged from outside and as a result they completely disappear, became thinner or almost invisible. If your eyelashes were accidentally scorched, torn out or cropped, they are going to recover and fully grow back. But the question is how long it is going to take. How quickly the eyelashes grow back depends on many factors. It is believed that during their active phase eyelashes are growing by 0,12-0,14 mm a day. However, with the help of additional stimulants like an eyelash growth serum, castor oil or massage, their growth can be significantly accelerated.

Some people suffer from eyelashes growing into the eye, which causes some discomfort, so their removal is an urgent necessity. However, even in this case, they will grow again. The eyelashes roots are located at a depth of 2 mm on the edge of the eyelids, thus it is almost impossible to destroy them completely. The only thing that you can achieve by intentional removal of the eyelash follicle is that your eyelashes will change the direction of growth.

Very often such a phenomenon can be observed on the owners of eyelash extensions. As a result of eyelash extensions the natural eyelashes are getting removed by accident and in this case, the eyelash root changes its shape by the weight of the glued eyelashes. Therefore new eyelashes grow in different directions: strait forward and down.

The main reason why your eyelashes may not grow back is if their root was complete destructed. This may occur due to a surgery or trauma in a deep region of the eyes. Such damage causes destruction of the eyelash roots, so it is hard to give you a positive answer on the question do eyelashes grow back in this case. The only solution here would be the transplantation, but unfortunately not everyone can afford it today.

What Can Help Your Eyelashes Grow Back Quicker?

As mentioned above, you can accelerate your eyelash growth with the help of serums and oils. Some natural oils like castor oil are known for their rich nutrition qualities and can help your eyelashes grow faster and longer. But if your eyelashes were damaged we would suggest using a more professional help like eyelash growth serums.

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