Do You Use Eyelash Extensions? How To Restore Your Eyelashes After Extension?

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What woman doesn’t dream about having beautiful, thick and long eyelashes? But what should you do if the Mother Nature did not provide you with such a beauty? Today many women find a solution for this problem in eyelash extensions. There is no doubt that extended eyelashes look thick, long and just amazing, but unfortunately this look does not last for a long time. After 7 – 10 days your own eyelashes start growing and the artificial extensions start breaking and at the same time they your own eyelashes are breaking too! 

In order to keep your eyelash extensions in a good form and also save your natural eyelashes, it is not recommended to touch them, color and curl them or use any other tricks that we usually do with our original eyelashes. Still, even if you provide the best care for your eyelash extensions, they will never be perfect for a long run and won’t look as you would wish them to be.

According to the advertising messages of eyelash extension services, salon owners and eyelash extensions’ manufacturers try to focus our attention on the fact that eyelash extension procedure is absolutely harmless for your health. But is it really so? Can eyelash extension be harmful? The answer to this question is ambiguous. Perhaps eyelash extensions are not very dangerous for your health but they definitely may cause a couple of problems for your own eyelashes and eyes.

May Eyelash Extension be Dangerous?

In some materials that are often used for eyelash extension there is a dangerous element called formaldehyde that is used in medicine to lower intracranial pressure. It relaxes the eyes so that the master can safely perform the procedure. However, excessive doses of the drug and its use on healthy people may lead to disastrous consequences: inflammation of the eyes, swelling, allergy as well as falling out of your own eyelashes.

Unfortunately most eyelash extensions’ manufacturers hide from their customers the presence of this substance in a glue or gels used for eyelash extension. Therefore before you start the eyelash extension procedure make sure that it is not there. According to the researches, this dangerous component is not present only in very expensive materials used for eyelash extension.

Before you start the eyelash extension procedure you must be aware of the risks. It may influence your vision, cause allergy and affect your natural eyelashes. If you are allergic to certain elements contained in eyelash extensions, this procedure may cause an allergic reaction and as a result you will have to remove the extensions and take care of the allergy.

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What Are The Negative Effects Of Eyelash Extensions On Your Eyelashes?

The consequences of eyelash extensions can be unpredictable. Using eyelash extensions may make your own eyelashes weak and unhealthy. Do these consequences really worth risking?

So, what should you expect from eyelash extension:

First: The process of eyelash extension consists in attaching artificial cilia to your natural eyelashes. It looks great in the first few days but once your own eyelashes start growing they are break out under the weight of artificial ones. After removing the eyelash extensions your eyes will look absolutely “bald”!

Second: The structure of eyelash extensions is very delicate. Therefore any use of fat or oil based product on them will have a harmful effect on the extensions and will destroy them.
When having artificial eyelashes, you can not use moisturizers as this may lead to the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes.

Third: Another disadvantage of eyelash extensions is a feeling of inconvenience. In order to extend their life and make them stay beautiful for longer, you have to sacrifice. You have to change the habitual posture of sleep, you will have to give up on your eye make-up and even an ordinary face washing can become a problem.

What Should You Do In Order To Restore Your Eyelashes And Make Them Look Beautiful And Healthy?

idol lash serumAre you still in doubt weather eyelash extension is harmful or not? Whatever is your decision we can certainly say that nothing can substitute the natural beauty. If you dream about beautiful, lush, thick and healthy eyelashes, you better take care of your own eyelashes, and then your beauty will always stay with you.

In order to restore your eyelashes and make them grow longer and thicker you need to apply some professional quality solutions to nourish your eyelashes. Cilium is a hair and in order to encourage its growth, it is necessary to strengthen the bulb. Taking care of eyelashes and strengthening them with high-quality and proven beauty products, you can achieve excellent results. They will be healthy, thick and long and look much better than the extensions.

One of the best natural and safe solutions for eyelash growth and enhancement is Idol Lash. This great and popular product will help you strengthen your lashes and due to its unique 100% natural and safe formula it will also boost their natural growth. Using Idol Lash will increase the growth of your eyelashes in just few weeks, they will become 1.5 times longer and thicker.idollash2

Idol Lash was developed in 2010 and since then it successfully helped thousands of women to restore their natural eyelashes from eyelash extensions and enhance their length and volume at the same time. We have found a lot of amazing reviews about this product on the web and we have summarized all of them in this complete Idol Lash review.

Don’t forget that the main principle in beauty is taking care of your own health, because only healthy hair, nails and eyelashes can always look beautiful, and not only for a few weeks!

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3 comments on “Do You Use Eyelash Extensions? How To Restore Your Eyelashes After Extension?
  1. Louisa Martinez says:

    Need full lashes due to extension damaged my real ones.

    • Christine says:

      My lashes were very damaged by the extensions I used. I decided to stop and take care of my own lashes. Extensions are beautiful but they don’t worth the damage they do. I am interested in the idollash you recommend. I heard some good feedbacks about it that it is all natural and does good for your lashes.

  2. Mollyg.vega says:

    I damage my own lashes.they ruined thin chopped.i need attention

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