Natural Eyelash Growth –Can It Be Done From Home?


Looking at the photos of models in magazines, we always pay attention on their distinctive and expressive look. Do you know what makes women’s eyes so unique and seductive? Of course, long and thick eyelashes. Put aside all artificial methods of eyelash growth, because first of all a woman is valued for her natural beauty. That’s why we will consider only natural ways that can help our eyelashes grow and make our eyes beautiful and attractive.

As you know, there are about one hundred cilia on the upper eyelid of a person, but some happy owners of lush eyelashes have up to one hundred sixty cilia. At the same time there are only 80 cilia on the lower eyelid. Mysterious feminine look depends not only on a large number of eyelashes, but also on their length. Typically, the length of eyelashes on the upper eyelid is twelve millimeters while on the lower one only eight millimeters.

What Is A Role Of Vitamins In Eyelash Growth?

Human hair and eyelashes in particular consist of such element as keratin. The lack of keratin in your body makes your hair and eyelashes week, bleak and brittle. Keratin can be found in many vegetables and if you include them into your diet, they will provide you with the amount of keratin your body needs. In order to help your body produce enough keratin, you can eat spinach, carrots and other vegetables that include vitamin E and vitamin A. Alternatively you can take a regular vitamin complex with all needed vitamins and elements that will improve the condition of your hair and eyelashes and at the same time will make them grow.

How To Take Care Of Your Eyelashes?

Do not forget to use a thorough make-up remover, as the remnants of cosmetics have a bad affect on the eyelashes, making them weak and dull. Eye makeup should be removed with a special cosmetic products based on fat-containing creams. It is highly not recommended to wash your eyes with ordinary soap in order to remove makeup. In addition to the fact that soap dries a delicate eyelid skin, it leads to the formation of wrinkles that do not decorate women’s eyes. When purchasing a makeup removal solution, do it from reputable manufacturers that have quality certificates.

Any girl can easily help her own lashes and accelerate their growth. It is enough to use beauty products for eyelids skin care, as well as to make compresses and hydrating mask for eyes. Like all living things, your eyelashes need good nutrition. Use cosmetic masks with chamomile extracts, which will not only remove redness of your eyes, but will also provide your lashes with useful micro-elements necessary for their growth. If you dream for long, silky lashes, prepare a cup of green or black tea to apply on your eyes. Just do not overdo it, even a weak tea will have a beneficial effect on the skin of your eyelids and will make your eyelashes smooth and beautiful.

Other Alternative Methods For Natural Eyelash Growth.

You can accelerate your eyelash growth by using herbal compresses. Applying regular compresses with extracts of calendula, cornflower, chamomile, and coltsfoot will make your lashes strong and healthy. You can improve the results by combing your eyelashes before bedtime using a special brush. This will increase blood circulation and a maximum number of useful components will be delivered to the hair follicles. Compresses are applied on the eyelids with a cotton swab or special pads. It is enough to hold a compress on your eyes for twenty minutes. It is recommended to rotate the herbs compresses and make them at least once a week.

Castor Oil – Is It Really Helpful?

From ancient times castor oil as well as olive oil has been considered to be an effective way to enhance the growth of eyelashes. Castor oil is applied to the eyelashes with a special brush along the length of a cilia.

There are some recipes that can be prepared at home if you have all necessary ingredients. You can make an eyelash growth balm based on castor and burdock oil mixed with petrolatum and brandy. Apply this mix on your eyelashes every day before bedtime and you will see positive results very soon.

Idol Lash – A Mixture Of Nature And Science. Why Is It So Popular?

Idol Lash is an innovative solution to make your eyelashes grow and thicken. Its serum includes all natural elements needed to keep the lashes as healthy and beautiful as never. It uses a special formula that combines the most effective natural ingredients that a Mother Nature can provide. After 2-4 weeks of use, Idol Lash has a positive effect on eyelashes and makes them longer, thicker, darker and fuller.

Keratin, herbal extracts, oils, vitamins and protein work together to make your look attractive and irresistible. Easy to apply and not expensive at all, Idol Lash is created to help women achieve beautiful eyelashes they desire.

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